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About Anthony

Anthony Teresi is a gifted Clairvoyant, Master Astrologer and Psychic Visionary. His life's work has been the development, refinement, exploration and mastery of the highest intuitive and Psychic realities of consciousness. Anthony has a lifetime of extensive study and experience in the fields of Clairvoyance, Psychic phenomenon, Metaphysics, Cosmology, Mysticism, Theosophy, Ontology, Philosophy, Astrology and Psychology. More esoteric studies have included Neo-Egyptology, the study of Ancient civilizations and cultures, as well as the profound Urantia Book. Anthony’s given gifts allow him to tune in to the realm of Universal Knowing, unlocking the hidden mysteries of existence. This has granted him access to a doorway from Humanity to The Beyond. This Knowing empowers him to See and to Hear and more importantly, to Interpret, Spirit Messages and Inner Truths of the greatest import. Traveling this mystical path, he ultimately expanded and evolved to realize his full destiny as a Psychic, Master Astrologer, Healer, Seer, Empath and Intuit. This journey flowed into cosmic attunement, musical revelations, multi-faceted creativity and artistic expression. (see “Anthony’s Music” page) The melding of all of these powerful elements has forged in him a deep insight into the Limitless nature of Being, and that surrounding every living thing are Angels, and Angelic power, and our own Guides to help us along our way.
He is a multidimensional traveler working with the highest intuitive, psychic, and visionary forces. Anthony fuses his natural gifts with the intellect and wisdom born of many lifetimes of experience to create a special language that has inspired countless souls as they gain an understanding of the unseen forces that shape and transform all of our lives.


When you read with Anthony you will benefit from his Spirituality, the quality of his Psychic Instrument, his communication skills and the creative talents and gifts he has developed and been blessed with. Through the many and varied Psychic and Metaphysical Art Forms he has mastered, such as the casting of horoscopes, (Astrological Charts) Tarot Readings, and his own natural skills as a master at all the forms of Clairvoyance, Astrology and pure Psychic ability he will help you discover a way to a more fulfilling life. The quality of your life depends solely and completely on your ability to make the best choices at the best times. Life is truly about the choices we make. Anthony will help you see and find a way to make, what for you as an individual, are the most advantageous choices. In this manner you will come to know that you really can achieve whatever it is that you are wishing for, or longing to have. One of the most basic yet hidden truths of life is this… Your life is solely and individually yours to live. You can have whatever it is that you want, if you are willing to choose to have it... Anthony will help you find a way to identify and align with your highest path, thus revealing “Joy” not as something that just happens once in a while, but rather, as a state of being that can be chosen and experienced every single day of your life

Early Awakenings…


Anthony comes from a long line of psychics and began his metaphysical journey of self-discovery at the tender age of ten. His father, opened up the possibilities and wonders of a vast Universe filled and teeming with life. Spiritual beings from other planets far more advanced than our own were taught to be the norm as opposed to something akin to Sci-Fi. He was often told of their amazing ability to communicate without using words, through the use of ESP, or “Extra Sensory Perception” as it was then referred to. This term fascinated him and as time went on, he began to experiment and discovered that he, himself, possessed these extraordinary talents and gifts. Anthony began to know what people were going to say before they said it, and foresaw events before they even happened.

These and many other experiences, became for him the natural unfolding of his own profound psychic development. Being raised in a home where these experiences and insights were fostered and encouraged made all the difference in the world. Because of this, he was able to achieve rapid growth and extensive far ranging abilities in the fields of Spiritual Awareness, Psychic Perception and Clairvoyant development. He began, throughout his teens and early twenties, to seek out and absorb all the teachings that detailed the Spiritual Mystical methods and modes that have existed throughout recorded history. Left unsatisfied, and seeking even deeper answers, he began looking beyond written history into lost civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria and The Lost Continent Of Mu. He knew they existed because of the many stories told to him as a child which brought back the memories of his life times spent in those civilizations. He began to incorporate the art of music into his life, becoming an accomplished professional musician and composer as well. These two elements commanded his attention until he heard the voice of his Higher Self telling him that it was time to share All of his gifts with the world. That is when he began devoting his full attention to becoming a Spiritual/Psychic/Clairvoyant Teacher and Guide. Since that time he has had the honor of intuiting literally tens of thousands of readings and has taught innumerable classes in many of the psychic art forms with Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Master Astrology, Tarot/Oracle consultation, and Energy Balancing being the vanguard of those teachings. He has helped guide countless individuals as well as many groups into the ways and means of choosing a life, filled with joy, love and inner peace.


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