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Skype appointments available for readings, toll free, from anywhere in the USA or from anywhere in the world.  Call or e-mail for dates, times, and availability. Don't have Skype? Download for FREE at www.skype.com then Skype to anthony_teresi_psychic. Call today!



15 min reading
30 min reading
45 min reading
60 min reading
One question
Full Astrological Natal Chart • $350.00
Your Life Potential, Gifts and Challenges, 30 + pages of in depth info plus Natal Chart.
Love Potential
Is he or she your
'Soul Mate', or just a lot
of work? 6 to 10 pages.
Relationship Compatibility
Reveals Harmony / Discord
between any two people.
6 to 10 pages.


Anthony reads for numerous and varied individuals. Your privacy is of the utmost concern. Be you Royalty or Regular, your reading will always be held in the strictest confidence. What transpires in the reading is a sacred trust between Psychic and Client and never shall go beyond the reading.

If, within the initial stages of the reading, you feel that you and Anthony, for some reason are not connecting, then you have the option of discontinuing the reading, at absolutely no charge to you. If Anthony feels that he, for whatever reason, is not able to help you then he will discontinue the reading at no charge to you. This risk-free and worry-free policy is designed to create a positive, answer filled session with complete peace of mind.



Anthony is currently available in person, by phone, or via Skype.
The reading and appointment number is:

818 430 8606    appointments

805 494 8767    messages

Psychic Services

There are extensive Psychic and Visionary services from which to choose. You may explore just a few in the Fees Section, or more extensively on The Readings page.  From Relationships and Career, to Finances and Life Path, Anthony can, through his natural gifts and talents, focus and tune into your Life's circumstances.  He will fulfill your personal wishes for truth and clarity.



There are many Astrological Charts and Reports from which to choose. Relationships and Compatibility, to Transits and Life Path, that are not listed such as Solar Returns and progressions.  Anthony can design any package to fulfill your personal needs and desires.

Full Astrological Life Analysis

Anthony utilizes multiple Charts In this in depth I hour reading of your life’s gifts and challenges. Reading includes:

1 hour of pre-reading research, Natal, Progressed and Solar Returns, and full Transits charts, all given to client at end of session.

In addition, this includes one full hour of comprehensive interpretation by the Master himself, Anthony. Please feel free to record your session, as much information will be revealed at that time.

Accurate birth information is very important to ensure the deepest most profound insight into your total human potential.

Parties, Personal Appearances and Special Events

Appearances for media events as a Personality or Consultant for
Radio, Television and Film:
• Fees upon negotiation

Parties and all manner of events
The fees are:
$350.00 minimum with $300.00 for each additional hour
(Travel expenses may be added dependent upon location)

Private readings in your home in a concierge fashion
or your designated location:
• $300.00 minimum… up to one hour
(Travel expenses may be added dependent upon location)



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