Anthony Teresi: clairvoyant, psychic, master astrologer
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Anthony Teresi: clairvoyant, psychic, master astrologer

“I, Anthony, am grateful for the many unique gifts I have been blessed with. I dedicate my life and service to the enrichment of those I am entrusted with. I am committed to supporting you in the discovery and revelation of your highest path, without compromise. With the utmost reverence, humility, integrity and compassion, I am honored that you have chosen me to walk this path with you. I will always do my best to be worthy of this honor by offering you the best of who I am, while encouraging you to be the best of who you are, furthering your own awakening upon this sacred journey we call… Life.”



Anthony Teresi: clairvoyant, psychic, master astrologer








The categories and questions below are only some of the most frequently explored. Each soul is precious and unique, with life circumstances as varied and numerous as the stars themselves. By sharing the gifts and insights Anthony has been blessed with, he is here to assist you, and reveal your inner guidance so that you may find your own true happiness.


Psychic Love and Relationships: Will I ever meet my soul mate or find someone to love who loves me in return? Is my current relationship the right one for me? How can I recognize, create and nurture True Love in my life? Does my current partner really love me? Have they been faithful? Will we stay together? How do they truly feel about me? Will I ever have children? What would my children be like when they become adults? Will my long lost love return once more to love me again?  What is Love?

Career: Am I in the best position or profession for me at this time? Will I get hired, fired, or possibly receive that promotion? What does my boss think of me and my job performance? Is it time for me to venture out on my own? Should I pursue my own dreams in an entirely new direction? What would I be naturally good at?

Money: Best time for a job search?  Money, money,is it coming or going? Do I have anything to be worried about financially? Do I have good fortune coming or is it time for me to lay low and play it safe? What are the possibilities of increasing my career status When should I pursue financial freedom? Can I look forward to a lucky streak, when I might win, or experience a financial windfall?

Health: How is my health? Will I face serious health challenges? Regarding medical procedures, if I have a choice, is there a best time that would promote the most beneficial outcome? What are my best opportunities for recovery, optimum health and vitality?  Tapping into your natural vitality and realizing the joy and energy of vibrant health, may require the resolution of past emotional issues…

The Right Timing: When would be the best time for me to… Meet someone, Propose, Marry, Conceive or Adopt a child, Separate, Break up, Divorce, Quit my job, Start a new Business, Take a Trip, Go back to School, Invest my Money, Re-connect with my family or old friends, Ask for a raise, Make a substantial purchase, or other life altering decision?

Gifts and Challenges: Am I on the best path for my highest good? Am I seeing the greatest opportunities to create fulfillment and happiness for myself? Am I currently actualizing all of my true abilities, gifts and potentials? Is my ship sailing true?  This is where Anthony’s Life Coaching experience can be invaluable.

Intuitive Abilities: Am I psychic?  Do I possess any natural psychic ability of my own? Do I have undiscovered talents that could lead to my becoming a gifted Healer, a Mystical Teacher, or perhaps, even a professional Guide? Could these hidden gifts be developed so that I might help to enrich Humanity?

Spirituality: “You are a Spiritual Being, in a physical body, having a human experience”. “Hu” in Sanskrit, (the most ancient of languages) means “God”… therefore “Hu-Man” means “God-Being”! God, then, is in each and every one of us. Your own Infinite Divine Nature awaits within you… Reveal the glory of your Spirit’s journey and you may even possibly “Touch The Face of God”.

Cosmic Conversations: Often Anthony receives calls or visits from individuals who are expanding their own course of development and/or personal studies. They seek to discuss or ask questions regarding all manner of fascinating topics, Psychic, Astrological, Spiritual or a wide range of topics, seeking to broaden their own grasp and understanding of these mystical issues and forces. Anthony is a vast source of knowledge and wisdom. He is always willing to share his Cosmic Awareness with insights into reality, basic or advanced techniques of divination, and how to connect with one’s Guides, while always encouraging and inspiring new ways to grow and advance along one’s own Spiritual journey.


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