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I love Anthony Teresi! I was fortunate to find his wisdom, insight and clear communication almost 15 years ago! When I'm in difficulty, I know Anthony can help me see the predicament, see options and their consequences, and give me the personal confidence so I can prevail! Anthony has walked with me with much light through some very challenging situations. He's kind, insightful, a clear communicator and great humorist! I totally recommend Anthony!!!!!

Kristin Lindquist

I have known Anthony for many years now. Before I make an important decision, I always contact him first, no matter what the situation is. He also has helped me through some very difficult times. I can't say enough about Anthony. Not only is he highly gifted with his intuition/psychic abilities. But he is my friend. I would definitely recommend Anthony if you are in need of a psychic reading!!!

Karen Cox

Anthony really gets it right. He doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear so that you prepare yourself and put your best possible foot forward. He is kind and offers great value. I will continue to seek his input.

Jake Heck

Anthony is wonderful! I turned to him for guidance through difficult times in my life. He opened my mind and gave me clear direction on the obstacles surrounding me. The things I appreciated most were his honesty and sincerity. He didn't sugarcoat anything, but walked me through everything. I felt that he was right there with me through everything even after our conversations. Anthony is a genuine person who truly empowered me to get through life's realities. I recommend Anthony to everyone!

Marcos Ortiz

Anthony was introduced to me by my daughter Deva who made a strong connection with him at a party where he was giving readings. That was several years ago and either my daughter or I have utilized Anthony's keen precognitive skills to guide us when we were in doubt or needed some inspiration to continue down a path we might have been unsure of. Anthony has never let us down yet. I strongly recommend him when anyone needs that extra assurance and direction.

Linda Overman

I met Anthony about ten years ago when I was going through a very difficult break-up. With keen intuition and a deep knowledge of astrological symbolism, he helped me obtain a broader perspective of my situation. He showed me my strengths and weaknesses and encouraged me to grow in ways I hadn't thought of before. He's really good! And very funny! I highly recommend him. Thanks Anthony!

Lin Jaffe

Originating from Europe, I had several experiences with psychics/readers/mediums etc; none of them came close to Anthony's amazing accuracy. I have been his client since 15 years and yes, time is the best witness. Anthony is a powerful, gifted Medium, his warmth, kindness, wit and compassion has a very healing effect and no matter what the presenting issue is, he will definitely "shed some light" and guide you into the proper direction. He is the "real deal".

Helena Litner

Anthony helped me get through the most difficult time of my life by providing a gentle, but realistic perspective that removed the desperation and panic I felt and replaced it with a clearer understanding so that I could make good decisions. I am in a wonderful time of life now and I thank Anthony for his role in helping me to get here.

Linda Raines

I have been seeing Anthony since 2003. He is compassionate, kind and on the nose, whether it's what you want to hear or not! Many of my friends have seen him and come away with the same peaceful wisdom. I value his knowledge and expertise.

Lisa Boiko

I first met Anthony Teresi about 20 years ago.  Anthony is like me - there's no BS - he tells it like it is and doesn't waste either your time or money on wishful thinking by the client. He always hits the nail on the head.

Marc Pennfield


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